Rusted Railway Station. 

Warm up before starting work

"…did you do it?"

Sketch before bed. Also Happy Easter and stuff. 

Hand got injured so rested it from drawing for the entire week :( but it’s feeling 90% better so quickly did a painting. Still hurts. Get better please precious drawing hand. 

"Dude…I asked for, like eight wheels, not…..this many." 

personal painting before starting freelance work. 

Was waiting for client files to download, so painted this to relax. 

some friends have been telling me to carry on with painting this story so decided to make a series of paintings of this.

Return of the Pale Blue Dot, part 2.

Perth, Australia 100 years in the future. 

Not much different to today :P warm up sketch before work

is it raining yet?

warm up sketch before starting work

decided to take a break from freelance today and wind down by painting this. Realistic Chihiro - fanart for Miyazaki. 

…hey, what’s that pale blue dot over there? 

A painting I did for the Super Speedpainting Funtimes group on facebook. Have to say, it kinda exploded my account to the point where it’s no longer private anymore. More pressure to do more art then! :D

High-res here