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I just launched my Kickstarter! Been a super crazy surreal experience finally letting it out in the world. 

If you like Paradigm, please re-blog this, it really helps Paradigm become a reality and I’ll muster up all the internet high fives I can give you. 

I don’t usually reblog stuff but this is different! :D

My super cool artist buddy Jacob is making a adventure game all himself and just launched his Kickstarter a couple of days ago. Have a peek, and help him out if you like it! 

Family is currently in the house-selling-moving process and were chucking a lot of things out that weren’t needed. My brother found this sketchbook that he got from one of his high school teacher’s as a graduation present and never used it, so I leapt and claimed it. 

Really cool! It’s the size of your hand, perfect for travelling :D

Finished freelance earlier than I expected so sketched this to wind-down. I’ve been staying up late again and want to change my schedule back to working during the day so that I’m more productive. Working at night I want to save for personal paintings.

Gonna try it.

Not sleepy, so did a sketch while in bed. I call this one ‘I have no idea what I’m doing.’

Some thoughts, that I felt like writing down.

To all the artists out there that are feeling in a rut right now; that feel stuck and that everything they do doesn’t look like it works. That are frustrated because they have so much they want to do and feel like they have so little time, and they just want to get somewhere so bad but know they have to go through a series of hurdles to get there and it’s freaking overwhelming. 

You’re not alone. We’re gonna get through this together. It’s frustrating as hell, but it’s gonna be okay. Because this is just a small part of the journey, and it’s going to get better. It’s already confirmed that it’s gonna happen. It’s decided, that thing you want to happen so badly: it’s already happened - it’s just a matter of time for it to come into the present, you just gotta keep your eyes peeled open and let it come before you.

So keep going. Keep working. Keep pushing through this frustrating part and don’t let it swamp you over, swim with the wave. You got my support. You’re gonna get through this and its gonna be worth it. Fist bump. And paint and draw your heart out.  

Been busy this week with freelance, so didn’t get to do much personal work. Gonna catch up this week hopefully.

Here’s a sketch before bed. Night night~! <3 

New painting. Tried to push storytelling in this a little more. I think the boy has a secret crush on her…? :D

I’ve been working on my website and beefing up my portfolio so it’s more up to date with my current skill level, so I decided to re-paint one of the pieces I did earlier this year - but still keeping the basic idea and design.

Thought it’d be cool to share this with you guys and to see the comparison (and also what 7 months of arting does. never stop painting!!) 

quick sketch before starting work. needed to warm up. 

I haven’t painted something industrial for a while so this was fun to do! Wanna to polish and fix this up more for my website, but I’ll do that later~