I haven’t painted something industrial for a while so this was fun to do! Wanna to polish and fix this up more for my website, but I’ll do that later~ 

sketched while eating burgers with cool artists Jacob and Damian. Check out their tumblrs, they’re so good at art it makes me cry LOL.  

New painting. He’s getting tired of climbing all the rooftops.

Been working on contents for my website,  packing things up to move to new place and freelance -  been a little busy. Will art spam later when I’ve organised stuff. Hope you’ve been fabulous.  <3

(also will reply to messages later too sorry bout lateness) 


I don’t usually do fanart, but this is an exception. After hearing about the new Legend of Zelda game coming out next year, I had to paint something for it; it gave me a chance to paint nature, which I realised I haven’t done in a while and might be rusty with. Also, I can’t contain my excitement so yeah OPEN WORLD~!! 

Quickly reblogging this to let people know you can buy prints for this painting now here at society6 if you’re interested. Finally got around to doing it.

I’m planning to do another Zelda painting in future so keep an eye out. <3 

more hoodie girl design sketchessss

Making an effort to get out of comfort zone of environments and practice characters. Sketch designs of girls with hoodies! 

Some study sketches to cool down. Bed time ZZZZZZZZZZ 

Cabin in the Wood - 50 mins

I did a painting to kill time before going to Dad’s. And then car troubles happened and then dinner. And yeah! Now back to work. 

I made a tutorial! Here is the process of the latest painting I did. Just for those curious to see my method of how I handle paintings. Hope you find it helpful. 

Full tutorial can be seen —> [here

yo!! how are you guys? <3 HERE HAVE A NEW PAINTING I DID BECAUSE YEAH. 

…also, don’t look down. Careful with that, bb.